Commercial & Industrial Roof Inspections In CT

Flat roofing systems are prone to leaks and surface degradation because of natural environmental conditions and standing water. In order to get the maximum amount of years out of a flat roof, it needs to be checked at least once a year to assess its condition and its structural integrity. We know as a business owner you need to know what’s intact and what’s not, and then budget accordingly.

Our professionals will provide a full evaluation and let you know of any issues that need immediate attention and those that can potentially wait. We use a lengthy checklist containing important items that we examine and assess during your roof inspection.  

At the end of our evaluation, we will go line by line with you and make sure you have a complete understanding of the health of your roofing system.  We can also leave you with an effective preventative maintenance program so that you can maintain a healthy roofing system and increase its lifespan for your business.

commercial roofing contractor in CT

There Are No Surprises With R & R Roofing. You Will Find Our Services Affordable & Dependable.​

commercial roofing contractor in CT

R & R Residential Roofing Services:​

  • A complete tear-off of the original roof.
  • We will replace old plywood or install new metal where necessary.
  • We make sure your roof is prepared to handle inclement weather by installing a secure water and ice dam prevention system.
  • To ensure your roof has proper ventilation, we will design the best system for your home.
  • We can also re-flash your chimney and install new gutters and downspouts if needed.